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Stephen Mallatratt's 1987 adaptation of Susan Hill's novel The Woman in Black came about when the playwright was asked to write a filler piece for the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, England, with the stipulation that the play have a minimum of actors and scenery. His solution to the numerous locales and characters in the novel was to set the play in a rented theatre, where the main character is rehearsing a presentation of his story. The scrim, which goes from opaque to transparent several times, was one of the devices Mallatratt used to simplify the staging.

The Woman in Black has been running continuously in London for over 25 years, and you can get more information on the show's own website.

"The production not only benefits from the wonderfully decorated theater, but also employs lights, sound and projections to enhance the tale."
—San Jose Mercury News

Douglas Morrisson Theatre, Hayward, CA

One of the opera boxes in place, complete with the small statues on top.
The Morrisson Theatre, transformed into a late Victorian theatre.
SketchUp model.
The graveyard scene. SketchUp model.
The bedroom scene. SketchUp model.
One of the opera boxes. SketchUp model.
One of the pilasters (at the proscenium arch) under construction.
One of the opera boxes close to completion.