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A blog, a book, several magazine articles, and a column I've authored over the years.

My blog on design and tech theatre topics: www.setdesignandtech.wordpress.com

Boxes, Cases, and Crates (Leaping Lizards Publishing, 2012).

"Working with a Director:" The Real Deal, A Survival Guide for Magicians, Paul Rohmany, 2012.

"Notes from a Designer's Logbook," in The Magic Cafe (www.themagiccafe.com) since 2005.

"How to Create a Skeleton-hand Sconce," Haunted Attraction Magazine, 2002.

"Scenic Brick in Three Steps," Haunted Attraction Magazine, 2001

"Ghosts in the Wallpaper," Haunted Attraction Magazine, 2001.

"Keeping Track of Props," Stage Directions Magazine, 1995.

"When you Run Out of Room," Stage Directions Magazine, 1995.