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Quest for Camelot was an evening music and fireworks show, patterned after the animated movie of the same name. The client's idea was to use an existing set during the day for the Lethal Weapon stunt show, and to change it over over every night for the Camelot show. The major requirement was to be able to accomplish the change-over in about an hour.

This was intended to be a one-Summer show, and it ended up being used for four years.

Designed for Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ, during my time with Adirondack Scenic, Inc.

The color rendering for the show, which included two water curtains with live projections, and fireworks. Painted by Joe Hladik under my direction.
What we started with: the boat from the Lethal Weapon stunt show.
The first step in the transformation was to attach a floating unit (affectionately known as The Iceberg) to the bow to change the boat's silhouette. This unit lived behind the boat during the day.
About an our later: the boat turned into a pile of rocks (Merlin's castle) for the evening show. The Stonehenge-like arches (which were about eight feet tall) lived on the boat during the day and swiveled into position when needed.
The original garage used in the stunt show.
The garage was kept, but fitted with a new roof...
... which allowed for a quick conversion to another pile of rocks. That staircase was painted.
The Iceberg about to undergo its sea trial.
Back at the shop, the iceberg gets painted.
Some of the other scenic pieces get painted. For scale, that's a music stand at top right.