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Woody Allen's comedy Play It Again, Sam, takes place in an apartment in New York City. The main character, Allan Felix, is a film critic, and his hero is Humphrey Bogart, who comes to him in a series of fantasies to help fix him up with beautiful women.

This show immedistely followed The Odd Couple and used the same basic set. However, because Allan's apartment is smaller than Felix Ungar's, the kitchen was brought forward and several entrances were modified. At the same time, the four "secret doors" installed during construction of the Odd Couple set were unsealed so they could work.

The change-over from The Odd Couple to Play It Again, Sam took about two weeks.

Douglas Morrisson Theatre, Hayward, CA

The set under work lights.
The set under work lights.
The kitchen under construction (this was the dining room in the Odd Couple set).
One of the "secret doors" used during the fantasy scenes.
Another of the "secret doors," closed.
The "secret door" above, open, during construction.