Merlin's Tower--a forbidding ruin on top of a desolate mountain surrounded by lonely moors--becomes the scene for our adventure. As we enter the ancient cottage and board the wooden carts drawn by invisible horses, we meet a mysterious stranger who asks our driver to take a small chest to the tower and deliver it to Merlin himself.

Our journey begins at the Great Hall, where we approach a roaring fireplace decorated with shields and coats of arms that seem to reach out for us...

But something strange soon happens: our driver is confronted by the Dark Knight, who wants to steal the chest. A battle ensues between the Knight and our guide as the carts careen through the dark caves and tunnels, and even as we fly over a moonlit valley, where the Lady of the Lake beckons us. In the end, our guide vanquishes the Knight and reveals himself to be... the wizard Merlin himself!

A conceptual design I created for myself.

The entrance.

The mysterious stranger and the chest.
The Great Hall.
The fireplace.
The moonlit lake.
Pencil sketches by Mike Middleton under my direction.