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Kiss Me Kate (music and lyrics by Cole Porter), requires a number of different settings, including various onstage locations during rehearsals for The Taming of the Shrew, as well as dresing rooms and other areas backstage. To reduce the time required for scene changes and keep the show moving, we created a unit set that functions as both "onstage" and "backstage" depending on whether the Padua drop is up or down. Then, to further enhance the "theatrical" idea, the drop is raised and lowered by a cast member in full view of the audience.

Instead of assembling the set on stage as pieces were built, we pre-fabricated the components and stored them off-stage. This gave the cast the entire stage to work on during rehearsals. Then we assembled the set in three days, at which point the cast had the entire structure available to them.

"The inventive set and lovely period costumes give the finishing touch to this entertaining play..."
—Tri City Voice

Douglas Morrisson Theatre, Hayward, CA

Set photo "backstage."
Installing the Padua drop.
Set photo "on stage."
Set photo.
SketchUp model "backstage."
SketchUp model "on stage."

We shot a stop-motion movie during the three-day installation process.

I can't post the soundtrack because it's copyrighted, but you can hum "Another Op'nin', Another Show" if you know the song.