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Marc Camoletti's farcical Don't Dress for Dinner takes place in a renovated farmhouse in France in the present day. To reinforce the idea of an old building which has undergone several renovations over the centuries, the set included a number of different types of brick, wood, stone, and other materials, as well as a stair tower which required the closing off of an upstairs window.

"Director Michael Ryken delivers well-oiled confusion, making full use of George Ledo's marvelous set and the zany material with a fully committed and thoroughly engaging cast."
— Tri-City Voice

Douglas Morrisson Theatre, Hayward, CA

Set photo.
Set photo.
Set photo.
The fireplace and circular stairs.
Example of the various types of brick and stone used in the set.
SketchUp model.
Overhead view of SketchUp model.
Preliminary sketch.