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A Tale of Cinderella (book by W.A. Frankonis,
music by Will Severin and George David Weiss, and
lyrics by George David Weiss) is a new take on the classic story, this time set in Venice.

The set, designed in the "wing and drop" style used in the 1600s, featured several buildings painted in forced perspective, bordering a canal. It also included a gondola which traveled SL to SR and an arch bridge with a twenty-foot clear span.

Douglas Morrisson Theatre, Hayward, CA


Set photo.
Set photo (stage right).
Set photo (stage left). All detail is painted.
Detail of buildings.
False proscenium. All detail is painted.
Detail at false proscenium (the figure is holding a copy of the program for the show).
SketchUp model.
SketchUp model
Preliminary sketch.
Preliminary sketch.
Painting some of the buildings.
Painting some of the buildings.