Produced on the same high school stage as Les Miserables, this show had a lot of the same challenges: a wide but shallow stage, a twelve-foot ceiling (ten feet to the bottom of the borders), and little backstage space, plus a very modest budget.

The result was one castle which doubled for both the English and French scenes (and featured sliding walls to reveal the inside), plus several rolling units which were small enough to fit offstage.

"The set designers and crew did a marvelous job of visually moving you seamlessly through the different locales."
— Tri-City Voice

Stage 1 Theatre, Newark, CA

The castle and the rabbit. SketchUp model.

The Las Vegas showroom scene: the Round Table became a roulette wheel, and the units had chaser lights on the primeter. SkeetchUp model.
The very expensive forest: the entrance to an exclusive residential development.
SketchUp model.
Part of the catle walls slid right and left to reveal Herbert's room.
SketchUp model.
The rabbit (which we nicknamed Oscar) under construction.