A very large musical on a very small high school stage with no offstage space: that was the design problem on Moreau Catholic High School's production of Shrek.

The design solution was to borrow an idea from the first scene in the show and create a storybook that would allow for very quick changes between the various locations. This way everything could be on stage all the time and still fit right into the story. The book was on a revolving book stand which rotated to reveal Fiona's room in the tower.

Additional acting areas were created with stacks of "books" which could roll around as needed to create steps, a bridge, and other elements.

Moreau Catholic High School, Hayward, CA

The storybook at the top of the show. The eight-foot-high book is on a revolving stand, and there is a concealed door stage right of the book to allow for Fiona's first entrance.

The book, opened.
The swamp scene.
The dungeon. The doors were designed to open.
Some of the pages folded out to reveal a wider backdrop.
The cathedral before painting was completed.