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There were three requirements for this touring production of Ron Lytle's chidren's musical There's No Business Like Shoe Business. The first was that everything (set, lights, costumes, and props) fit into one eight-foot rental van. The second requirement was that everything be light-weight and easy to move, and the third was to re-task as much as possible from Beauty and the Beastie, a previous show also by Mr. Lytle.

Shoe Business, which was inspired by The Shoemaker and the Elves, takes place in a village square and inside the shoemaker's house and the leathermonger's shop. To help expedite scene changes, the inside of the shoemaker's house split in two, turned around, and became the outsides of the house and the shop. There was also a window unit and counter, which are not shown.

East Bay Children's Theatre, Oakland, CA


The village scene: the center section was re-tasked from Beauty and the Beastie, which I designed for the same group four years previously
Interior of the shoemaker's house (all wall detail is painted). This unit turns around to become the exteriors of the shoemaker's house and leathermonger's shop
Exterior of the shoemaker's house (all detail is painted)
Exterior of the leathermonger's shop (all detail is painted)