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David Lindsey-Adaire's Rabbit Hole is the story of Howie and Becca, a young couple whose four-year-old son Danny was ht and killed by a car.

Because so much of their lives is driven by how they respond to their loss, we decided to have Danny's bedroom be part of the set, always there, always hovering over them. The lighting design, by Matt O'Donnell, played a major role in making that bedroom—and the weight it portrayed—prominent or not, as necessary for each scene.

Access to the bedroom was by the stairs in the alcove at the back.

"Set designer George F. Ledo renders the manicured, contemporary home of Becca and Howie so beautifully that if you didn't know better you would believe you were touring a model home in the neighborhood."
— Tri-City Voice

Ohlone College
Fremont, CA

Set photo (stage right).
Set photo (stage left).
SketchUp model.
SketchUp model.