One of the first choices we made while planning this production was to turn the theatre itself into a grand hall with a curtain overlooking the jungle. The front of the proscenium and the orchestra pit were covered with new panels and platforms to create architectural elements, and the orchestra was anhanced by two musicians playing traditional folk instruments.

The front curtain was made of translucent material, so it appeared opaque at the top of the show and was then backlit to reveal a projection screen.

Palo Alto Children's Theatre, Palo Alto, CA

Top of the show. Two musicians in costume and playing traditional instruments are on the platform at stage right.
SketchUp model

The opening: the curtain goes translucent to reveal the screen behind.
SketchUp model
The curtain rises to reveal the puppet scene.
Sketchup model
The jungle at night.
SketchUp model
The stage during a previous show. One of the new platforms covered the built-in stairs at stage right. The other platform was removed.
One of the ruined temple units: a flat cutout on a wagon.
The movable wing panels.
The other temple unit, also a flat cutout on a wagon.